11 June 2014

Run TinyWeb as a service in Win7

1. Create a service record using srvany.exe from Resource Kit:

C:\>instsrv.exe TinyWS "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\Srvany.exe"

Where TinyWS is a required service name.

2. Go to the service key in Windows registry:

3. Create a nested key "Parameters" and add two string values - "Application" and "AppParamteres". The last value specifies parameters string for TinyWeb, so in this case it will run on port 8080 for a folder "ConfigGenerator"

02 May 2014

Few more birthday t-shirts

 First t-shirt has a USSR map with republics where the future owner lived. Back shows his an old calendar (198* year) and reflect that he is an M.D.

The second t-shirt has a russian helicopter at the front and a portrait of owner's wife at the back.

04 April 2014

Cisco WLC interface and cli are extremely slow

Today I encountered a case when one of 5500 Cisco wireless controllers stopped operating properly. Both GUI and ssh were extremely slow and users complained too.
In the logs I could see multiple unsaccessfull authentications. Below is how it looked like.
Appeared that local IT guy connected WLC console to a local cisco router. Looped router console output was treated as an authentication attempt.

242    Fri Apr 4 06:39:28 2014    User Usage is monitored; unauthorized from CONSOLE has made too many unsuccessful login attempts.
244    Fri Apr 4 06:39:06 2014    User User Access Verification from CONSOLE has made too many unsuccessful login attempts.