25 June 2016

Cisco 3750 mixed stack

Today I was able to do some testing on a  mixed stack of C3750, C3750G and C3750X.
It is not a secret that C3750X with lan-base license can only stack with other lan-base 3750X. In make case it was ip-base, but I needed to upgrade all stack to ip-services, which it was using before 3750X was added. So have a note, that below works fine (as long as stack master will be another  older switch with ip-services):
C3750 - ipservices
C3750G - ipservices *master
C3750X - universal

Also played with SDM profile. Even though desktop-routing allows up to 11K prefixes, in reality with about 8K CPU gets up to 40% with almost no usage and easily reaches 100% when more traffic appears.

03 June 2016

ManG - Bulk ping tool (python)

ManG - tiny program that resolves and pings a list or IP addresses or ranges.
You need to run this program as administrator (uses native python ping with sockets).

Python 2.7
Tested on: Ubuntu, Windows 7
Windows binary
Also on GitHub: ManG

Windows dependencies:
MSVCP90.dll library is not included. You may need to download and install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package"

This program is distributed under GNU CPL

29 May 2016

Seoul lds temple - easy pop-up card

All measurements are in centimeters. Images may not be scaled and are not for printing.


Design layout (cm):